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GFI - Case Study


project A new Office layout and refurbishment   timescale Six weeks on site
location Snowden Street, London  
  area 40,000 sqft
features   averages £42 per sqft

How we met the challenge

GFI, at Broadgate West, are a competitive inter-dealer brokerage service in the global cash and derivatives markets.

The project was started by providing a series of test fits for a multitude of perspective buildings. This was repeated narrowing down the perfect building in line with GFI’s set of requirements.

The interior concept was developed from sketches with the client at the interior design stage. By producing a series of sketches we were able to pin point how the office needed to look and function.

The reception area incorporated a white corrian desk and a pale limestone floor. Feature lighting was set into the ceiling (in the way of slots) and a glass wall was erected behind the reception desk. The use of LED’s in the glass wall would change colour throughout the day. All doors to this area were finished in the same colour as the partitioning (white) except for the contrasting frame detail making it compliant with DDA regulations.

All open plan glass partitioning was finished with a blue manifestation band around the floor with seamless solid partitions and concealed skirting detail.

The tea point facilities had a firm set of requirements. The two tea points that were introduced incorporated zip taps and vending facilities. Microwaves were installed along with open shelves for cups and glasses. Each tea point was screened (from the open plan) by a glass partition finished in yellow manifestation film to create distinctive areas.

All workstations included two flat screens and a telephone as each trader has a multi screen desk environment. It was imperative, from the start, that we paid strict attention to the traders IT needs. Through partnering with specialist data and M& E contactors we delivered their individual requirements.

Success was achieved by working incredibly closely with the client and specialist contractors. By doing this we were able to enhance productivity and efficiency throughout the trading floor.

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