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To help the design process we need to know a little more about your requirements!

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Architectural Interiors have done an unbelievable job - from start to finish. Our office came in on budget and on time with the.....

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Office Relocation

Out grown your office? Lease break coming up?

Initially we need to evaluate if moving is best. By producing a building appraisal, cost comparisons, estimates and schedules we will evaluate your preferred option and provide informed advice on the best route for you.

We will answer questions such as:

.     What will the fit out costs be according to the area?

.     Which building suits your business?

.     What would be the running costs in order for you to budget year on year?

.     Will there be enough space to grow in the future?

Once we have found your potential office we will then provide you with some test fit space plans and discuss the best option for your design.

Making things easy for you

We will provide you with one of our project managers to discuss the requirements and oversee the whole project. Our workplace design consultancy will play a major role at this stage working out exactly what your needs are i.e.:

.     Size of area required?

.     The type of working area you need?

.     What type of furniture would suit your business?

.     Are there expansion plans?

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