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Pizza Express - Case Study


project Re-design Pizza Express Fulham Rd   timescale Two weeks on site
location Fulham Rd, London  
  Square area 2000 sq.ft
  averages £100 per sqft

How we met the challenge

Our job at Fulham Road was to re-design the interior by incorporating new finishes and increase the amount of existing covers. Particular attention was paid to the lighting, waiter’s station and W/C’s.

The Fulham Road restaurant was one of the first in the chain for PizzaExpress. Originally designed in the 1960’s this building is infamous for housing the first in the line of Mary Quant fashion studios. Our challenge was to give the space a fresh, contemporary look without losing the essence of the restaurant. Attention to lighting, colour and functionality successfully created a feel good environment.

This restaurant incorporated a re-design of the pizzaola using stainless steel and feature tiles. The waiters’ station was also re-designed with glass shelves hanging from the ceiling on wires for display purposes. Each circular motif throughout the restaurant was repainted with the exact colours originally used. Architectural Interiors replaced the lighting which accentuated the high ceilings to create a dramatic effect in line with the PizzaExpress brand.

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