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Architectural Interiors have done an unbelievable job - from start to finish. Our office came in on budget and on time with the.....

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Running out of space

Running out of space? Could you make more of the space you've already got?

Can my existing space be adapted to support my business now, and in the future? There are numerous design techniques and furniture products that can help you get more from your space avoiding the expense and inconvenience of relocating.

To help us best decide on your needs please take the questionaire below - it only takes a minute!

Q1   Is there any existing space within your office that can be changed to meet your new requirements?



Q2   How many people do you need to accommodate within your office?

Q3   How many new employees are you wanting to accommodate?

Q4   Is it just a part of your office that needs revising or is it the whole scheme?



Q5   Have you an up to date floor plan?



Q6   Do you have any storage rooms or other areas that could be removed to free up some space?



Q7   Do you feel that your office isn’t functioning as well as it could?






Moving Office?

Should you stay or should you go?

If you are coming to the end of your agreed lease, or you have an option to break and move from your existing...

Moving office solutions

Expanding or downsizing?

is your business changing?

The question is - do you have enough space in your office to leave room for growth? Will it scale up or...

Expanding or Downsizing

Running out of space?

Could you make more of the space you already have?

Can my existing space be adapted to support my business now and in the future? There are numerous...

Running Out of Space

Office looking tired?

Why not transform your office into a place that not only looks great but works better too?

We can easily show you low cost techniques to improve your space and create an efficient working...

Office looking tired

Require new furniture and/or storage?

Bums on seats or is it?

We can give you informed advice on the best products for your workplace. Remember not every...

New furniture or storage